Smokes Infused Preroll 5 Pack- Animal Mintz (Indica Hybrid) 3g sauce bars

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Sauce bars. With every puff, prepare to tantalize your taste buds with the delightful notes of mint, lemon, and Kush. The tantalizing combination of flavors creates a harmonious symphony that will please even the most sophisticated palates. Each inhale introduces a refreshing hint of mint, followed by a burst of zesty lemon, while the Kush undertones provide a rich and earthy essence, making it a truly gratifying smoking experience. sauce bar disposable

The Strain: Animal Cookies x Sinmint Cookies

The Smokes Infused Preroll Animal Mintz Pack features an extraordinary blend of two exceptional strains, Animal Cookies and Sinmint Cookies. The infusion of these renowned strains results in a perfect Indica Hybrid, delivering a powerful and well-rounded effect. Expect a soothing body high combined with a gentle cerebral euphoria that can alleviate stress and tension, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day or for a serene social gathering. sauce bars vape

Craftsmanship and Composition:

The Smokes Infused Preroll Animal Mintz is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring each preroll contains the finest quality ingredients. Exotic indoor small bud flower serves as the foundation, guaranteeing a potent and aromatic smoking experience. To elevate its potency and depth, each preroll is infused with a carefully curated combination of Live Resin, Liquid Diamonds, and THCA, amplifying the effects to new heights. Lastly, a luscious coating of Hash encapsulates the preroll, adding a layer of luxury and complexity.


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